Nvstr Review 2017

Nvstr Review 2017

I caught wind of Nvstr through a Facebook advertisement that they were running and got curious. Good ol' Facebook got me again. This time, however, I decided to add it to my list of apps to check out so that I can review it and relay what I find out to you!

While Nvstr is, as of this writing, still in a closed private beta test, I'm going to tell you what we do know about Nvstr so far and review what I've been able to learn about it. Essentially the concept is that social investing can create better investors and better returns.

From what I know, the Nvstr platform revolves around mathematical portfolio analysis to optimize risk and return along the Efficient Frontier (a key concept of Modern Portfolio Theory). Combined with generating and sharing investing ideas through a sleek social network style platform gives us Nvstr.

UPDATE: September 2018 - Nvstr is now (has been) open to the public. While parts of this review will still contain original writing from closed beta, I will be updating relevant sections with new available information.

Fees & Commissions

Taken from the pre-launch Nvstr.com site.

Taken from the pre-launch Nvstr.com site.

Right now Nvstr is operating on:

$4.50 commission per trade (lower than Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade)

  • 6.5% margin rate (lower initial rate than all above)

  • $2,000 minimum initial deposit

  • Freemium model: trade a simulated portfolio for free while enjoying the collaboration and optimization tools; pay only when you invest real money

(The above information was sent to me directly from Nvstr.)

Available Promotions & Free Cash

We always tell you about the latest promotion codes and bonuses so you can get free money to invest. Their current offer is that when you sign up with a referral code (below) you can kick back some incentives to me (your favorite investing guy). Unfortunately I couldn’t talk them into giving away $1,000 to everyone who signs up… Go figure.

This is currently the only offer available.

Because Nvstr is so new, you've got a chance to get in on the ground floor of an awesome new social investing app just by using our link. I’m also pretty excited to connect with you all on the app so leave us a comment if you want to connect!

Account Minimums & Maximums

Now I know and can share with you the account minimum for the Nvstr brokerage account.

  • $2,000 account minimum

You’ll need at least two grand to get started investing but that’s not much when you consider that money being split up among a few investments. At 6 investments, that’s just $333 per security.

Unique Features

This is where Nvstr excels currently. They've come in with some pretty well-polished versions of existing features, as well as a few new ones that I like.

Comps Table

Inside the dashboard of Nvstr you can access a table of comparisons. This “comps table” allows you to compare key metrics for stocks and companies against competitors so you can assess trades and ideas.

Comps Table Nvstr.png

Comps Table

Compare key metrics across multiple companies.

It’s nice to have a graph that easily expands and contracts though I’d like to perhaps see it be a little more powerful. Good investment graphing software is sort of an animal of its own though and experienced investors pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for access to high powered charting apps.

Sharing Investment Ideas

Taken from Nvstr.com

Taken from Nvstr.com

This isn't necessarily a new concept, Stocktwits.com has been doing this Twitter-style for some time now. However, Nvstr has polished up the interface and made it more social. With notifications from friends when the create new ideas or when an idea is proven right, it makes the interface sleek and seamless.

I like that you can set price targets, conviction, and other important indicators of your ideas. Then friends can join you in your investments, or just follow along to watch. Whenever you incorporate a new idea into your investing, Nvstr can rebalance your portfolio to integrate the new investment.

Best For:

Active investors who want to connect with a close circle of intelligent investing friends.

Nvstr is going to give us a chance to invest while borrowing and sharing ideas with friends. While Stocktwits.com does this, it's primarily dominated by a few very loud and active users. My hope for Nvstr is that it will streamline the process, integrate a great portfolio management tool, and encourage people to connect with a core group of friends they can really learn from and grow with.

Pros & Cons


  • Social investing can make investors lazy

  • Brand new app


  • Social investing done right

  • Sleek interface and notification system

  • Portfolio management algorithm

  • Buy and sell directly on Nvstr


Nvstr has a chance to do social investing right. If they can take some existing concepts and polish them up while also integrating intelligent portfolio balancing mathematics for the average investor, then they've got my seal of approval. It remains to be seen whether or not Nvstr will gain enough traction to really break into the investing app world full-force, but I hope that they do.

If our review helped you learn more about Nvstr and you're thinking about signing up, please use our link. You’ll get a chance to help keep this site updated and running. The small kickback we receive goes directly into managing the site.

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