TradingView Review 2017

TradingView Review 2017

TradingView is a web-only app that focuses on beautiful stock charts and technical analysis. Not sure what technical analysis is? Don't worry we'll explain that, and why you should be using TradingView to supplement your stock and investment research!

TradingView is free to use but offers limited features to free users. Upgraded memberships are not particularly expensive and really offer quite a bit of power. The community is quite active and users can upload and edit technical algorithms. Overall it's my go-to app for stock charting because it's simple, intuitive, powerful, and clean.

TradingView also has an extremely powerful integrated set of publishing tools and social media integrations. Click on my profile above to be taken to TradingView where you can follow me and we can share ideas on stocks and investing in real time!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Fees & Commissions

TradingView is just a stock charting and screener platform. There is currently no support for making trades within their software and therefore there are no applicable commissions.

However, there are upgraded accounts with various pricing and we'll cover those here.

Pro Level Membership

$240 (billed every 2 years) or $15/mo

Compared to the free account this upgrade allows you to preset more chart layouts and set up more server-side alerts. It's a great upgrade if you really love the style and function of TradingView.

Of course, it's possible to set up stock alerts with other apps for free, but TradingView allows you to set up complex alerts based on technical indicators. You can also program your own. These are seriously powerful features for power traders.

Click to learn more about the upgraded plans. (I will make a commission should you choose to purchase.)

Click to learn more about the upgraded plans. (I will make a commission should you choose to purchase.)

It also removes ads and increases the refresh rate of chart data which are two huge upgrades compared to the free account.

Pro+ and Premium Memberships

Click to enlarge the comparison of plan features.

Pro will set you back $480 every two years and Premium will cost $960 every two years. This isn't really that bad if you can justify the upgraded features compared to other charting apps.

For me, I find myself considering the Pro level membership more than Pro+ or Premium simply because I'm not that powerful of a user.

I would encourage most readers to start with the Pro level for $10 per month and if it truly doesn't meet your need, then consider upgrading.

Free Members

Signing up for a free account is simple and can be linked to Google or Facebook with ease. This is what I've chosen to do and I've been using the free account for about a year now. I definitely encourage all of you to at least try the free account.

I find that the free account usually has barely enough power for me. However, there are many times when I'd like to add more indicators to a chart. It's an annoyance to be limited. 

Overall I've found that a free account does everything I need with some setbacks. One upgrade I would love to pay for, however, is a greater number of alerts!

Membership Plan Cost Per Month

I may upgrade and go with the Pro level plan to get rid of ads and grab some of those great extra features. I'm still on the fence for my own uses but I encourage you to check out all of the accounts and pick out the one that fits your needs best.

Available Promotions & Free Cash

Currently, TradingView doesn't offer any free cash that I can help you get.

However, as a result of my help, if you choose to try out TradingView I encourage you to use the link below. Why? Because signing up through my link will kick us back a small commission that helps keep this site running.

Don' worry, you get a 30-day free trial so you can easily cancel if it's not everything you need.

Without your help, we wouldn't be here! Using our link allows us to keep helping you out.

Account Minimums & Maximums

There are none, quite simply. Unlike many of the investing apps we typically review, TradingView is just a charting and screening tool. There is no support for trading within their platform currently.

TradingView makes a perfect partner for someone looking at a short term technical trading strategy. Apps like Robinhood lend themselves well to this type of strategy and together they would make a powerful app combo. One that I love to use!

Unique Features

TradingView actually has several unique features. Most of the advantages come from a very sleek and clean interface and powerful features. There are other apps out there doing many of these thins, but few if any put them together and deliver the way TradingView does.

User Interface

TradingView is an extremely modern and powerful web app. The interface is clean and intuitive and extremely fast to learn. Most users should be able to pick up the gist in less than 5 minutes.

If you've used other charting tools you'll quickly appreciate how effective their interface is.

Navigation is simple and intuitive so you won't spend forever trying to navigate the site.

Even within the charting tools, you'll find that things are easy to understand. Buttons and hover menus are informative and logical. I have found that even when I'm searching for a new function it only takes a few seconds of exploring before I locate what I need.


With a simple scroll of the mouse wheel, users can widen or narrow a chart. Click and drag the price column to quickly expand and contract the range of charting prices. It's really easy to resize the chart in real time to exactly what you need.

Go ahead, try messing with the chart above. This is an embedded chart from TradingView following the day price for (AAPL). You can change the intervale, add indicators, and anything else you want. Right in this embedded chart!

Charts can be displayed in any standard format and overlays are powerful and beautiful. You can edit the math behind any indicators or even choose from user-made indicators. Charting tools range from simple to complex yet somehow they're all easily implemented even by the newest technical traders.

While the charting has extreme power and fully programmable indicators, it's also simple enough to be used by brand new users. If you just want to see a simple historical price chart, it's easy as pie! There's no need to use advanced features.

Even for users seeking basic charting, few charting tools are as simple and straightforward.


While not unique to TradingView I thought I would mention alerts. You can set alerts right on the charts by clicking on specific price levels or indicators. Set alerts that get emailed or texted to your phone when stocks meet certain criteria.

Alerts with TradingView are as intuitive as they are powerful - just like the charting.

Stock Screener

TradingView has one of the most well-designed stock screening tools on the market. There are a few features I'd like to see improved but overall it's a great tool.

You can search for and sort stocks based on technical indicators, fundamentals, or any combination. Sort stocks by any criteria you can think of or program your own if you really want to. 

Coding and Editing

TradingView is nearly fully programmable. As you saw above, they have some seriously powerful and modern social sharing capability. You can edit and customize the code for everything from technical indicators to embedded charts.

It's wild!

I love how up to date their software. Their team in on top of it when it comes to making things user-friendly and powerful!

Pros & Cons


  • Higher level paid accounts may be pricey
  • Stock screener needs some improvement
  • No mobile integration yet


  • Powerful and customizable
  • Great social media potential
  • Built in social interaction
  • Integrates with existing user accounts such as Google & Facebook
  • Technical Charting & Screening
  • Free account is available to all users


I think you'd be silly not to be using TradingView for technical stock charting and stock analysis. Overlay fundamental and technical indicators on a single chart. Save chart layouts. Embed stock charts in your website.

If you can dream it, TradingView probably has support for it. I love how modern and connected the platform is. Basic users to power users have something to love here.

Remember to sign up using our link. It costs you nothing and helps us keep this site running. Use the link below!

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