Investing 101 PDF - A Guide to Investment Book PDFs

Investing 101 PDF - A Guide to Investment Book PDFs

Today's investment books seem to come more often in the form of eBooks and PDFs than paperback books at the library. Maybe that's because investors expect access to all information, at all times, on the internet, for free. Maybe investment books PDFs and eBooks like the Amazon Kindle are making it easier than ever for individual authors to have a voice.

Either way, I'm going to introduce you to my investing 101 PDF that, coincidentally, is available totally free. We're going to examine what makes a good investing book, who can benefit the most from freely available online eBooks, and what other options are available.

After you've gobbled up every free resource, where do you go next? I've got your solution!

Note: I have included some affiliate links to resources I genuinely love and recommend. Please consider using them if you decide to purchase a book - the kickback sincerely helps me keep BIA running. Much love!

My Investing 101 PDF

My Free Gift to You!

Thanks for all of your support!

I would be remiss if I didn't shamelessly plug my own investing ebook for you. Fortunately, I genuinely believe it is a valuable free resource for new investors. Let me tell you a little about why I wrote it and how reading "Invest! 3 Easy Steps to Investing" can help you.

I wrote "Invest!" based on my journey through the world of investing. I taught myself to invest after years of research and planning. Through all that studying, learning, and research I always felt I wasn't quite ready to invest. Like I was unworthy and that the stock markets are too complex for me - I'm not some "Wall Street guy".

You may be feeling the same way and I totally understand. That's where "Invest!" differs from other Investing 101 books. It's quick, it's practical, and it contains only the information you really need to know to get started. Learn more.

I purposely excluded piles of unnecessary information in the pursuit of a fast read that will leave you prepared to actually put money into the stock markets. In reading this book I'm assuming you have and will continue to educate yourself through other resources to become fully knowledgeable.

With many articles, videos, and books I found a glaring hole in the information. They all assumed I already have an investment account. That I already understand how to get my money invested. "Invest!" takes a step backward and teach you how to open your first account, where to find a brokerage, and how to actually get your first few dollars into the market.

What Makes a Good Investment Book

Here's the real issue I found when I wanted to get started investing. I couldn't find a good investment book that really walked me through the process from the very beginning.

So what makes a good investment book?

Honestly, I think it depends entirely on the level of knowledge and experience of the reader. There are so many different strategies, approaches, topics, and ideas regarding investing that each reader will have a different ideal book.

Books For First Time Investors

For these brand new "never ever" investors, the ideal investment book starts with the basics.

  • Why should I invest?
  • What are some general dangers?
  • How do most investors keep themselves safe?
  • How much money can I make?
  • Where should I go to open an investment account?
  • What type of investment should I buy with my first purchase?
  • Can I change my investments later?

These are all fundamental level questions that are too-often overlooked by most "basic" investing books and articles. My book, "Invest!" is aimed at this very basic and beginner investor. Learn more.

Free PDF books appropriate for investors at this level might include:

At some point, you'll run out of free and PDF version resources. The next step is Kindle eBooks and they're some of my favorite. Of course, you can always opt for physical copies if you prefer.

Books in this genre that I would recommend include:

Books For Investors Already Involved In The Market

These investors may have money in the market through their parents, inheritance, employer, or other types of investment accounts. If you're one of these investors, you may be aware that you have investments and just don't know anything about them.

You may even be aware that you should know more about investing but just haven't gotten around to it. That's extremely common. You may want to know things like:

  • Can I lose my money in the market?
  • How will I know that my money will be there when I need it?
  • Can I choose my investments, or am I stuck with what I have currently?
  • How do I sell my investments, or buy new ones?
  • What other investment strategies could I be considering?
  • As I get closer to retirement how do I keep my money safe?

This level of investing knowledge kicks the door wide open into the world of financial planning. A good investor doesn't just understand the stock market, they understand and control their personal wealth at all levels.

Free PDF books appropriate for investors at this level might include:

At some point, you'll run out of free and PDF version resources. The next step is Kindle eBooks and they're some of my favorite. Of course, you can always opt for physical copies if you prefer.

Books in this genre that I would recommend include:

Books For Advanced Investors

You'll know this describes you because you've become obsessed with investing. You're reading financial websites often. You gobble up books on the subject by the armload. Every day, it seems, you're learning something new about the world of investing.

If you're one of these investors, it's time to start expanding your horizons. Topics might include:

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Arbitrage
  • Securities licensure
  • Macro and micro economics
  • Behavioral finance

Sounds like a list of college courses on investing, doesn't it? Don't worry it's actually a fun and intellectual journey that will improve your investing. I always learn something that broadens my understanding of the market, investment planning, or economics.

These topics are critical to unlocking the true potential of your investments.

Free PDF books appropriate for investors at this level might include:

At this level, there are very few valuable free resources. Websites like Seeking Alpha are common stops for advanced investors. The next step is Kindle eBooks and they're some of my favorite. Of course, you can always opt for physical copies if you prefer.

Books in this genre that I would recommend starting with include:

Where To Seek More Knowledge

I'm assuming that, since you're looking for free investing PDFs, you want to learn more on the cheap!

So how do we find more free investing books to learn how to make money without spending it?

The answer is laughably simple. In today's world where everything is delivered through some online service right to your door, I'm going to make you leave the house.


Head on down to the local library and renew your library card. They will have most, if not all, of the best foundational books in investing and personal finance. Once you've exhausted their books, ask them to order some in.

Another solution is to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. This service allows you to download as many books as you want every month for one flat fee. The drawback is that only "Unlimited Eligible" books are allowed and many authors produce poor quality books for Kindle Unlimited to make a quick buck.

I always read my Kindle books on my Kindle Paperwhite and I'm honestly recommending it here for several reasons.

  1. Lightweight - lighter than most paperbacks
  2. Battery lasts weeks of reading several hours a day
  3. Decreases the clutter of owning tons of books
  4. The Paperwhite version specifically is easy on the eyes and looks just like reading it off paper. It's amazing!
  5. Kindle version books are usually cheaper than physical copies
  6. Drawback: doesn't smell like a delicious new book...

I find that Kindle Unlimited is ultimately worth it, as the number of good books outweighs the bad ones significantly. Learn more about Kindle Unlimited if you're interested and get a free 30-day trial - I recommend it!

Free Kindle Books on Investing

If you want access to piles of free Kindle books to improve your investment knowledge, the key is easier than you think. No need to download or pirate books!

Just ask the librarian at your library if they have an online eBook library. Chances are that they do.

Often your local library will have a way for you to log on with your Kindle and borrow Kindle books for up to 3 weeks at a time. These free Kindle library loans will open up the door to downloading many of the books I've recommended - totally free!


I've tried to recommend books for every possible level of investor. Whether you're looking to get started with an "investing 101" type guide, or if you're looking for works on advanced topics - there's something here for you!

Once you've exhausted your options, head to the library and start devouring their material. It's such an easy way to get great investing books totally free!

Don't forget to download a copy of my free investment pdf, "Invest!" just because you love me!

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