"Invest!" 3 Easy Steps to Investing

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In my FREE eBook you'll learn the 3 simple steps it takes to get involved in the stock market. This guide keeps it basic, and won't take more than 30 minutes of your time!

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— Casey Fiedler

Getting scared away from making your first investment in the stock market is costing you thousands every day you delay!

The powers of Investing early!

In this simple example, Bill begins investing $500 per year at age 25.

Jenny begins investing $1,000 per year at age 35.

Jenny will never catch up to Bill, however because of the mathematical advantages of getting started investing as soon as possible.

Bill's investments, though half the size, absolutely destroy Jenny's later investments.

Why am I giving this book away

totally free?

I started investing out of need, but only after years of putting it off out of fear.

Working seasonal jobs in the outdoor industry meant that I was left to fend for my own retirement planning and investment needs.

I didn't have the money to pay some fancy professional to do it for me. Frankly, both my parents had been burned by investing. But I needed a way to work the seasonal jobs I loved and still retire with enough of a nest egg.

So I began to teach myself through hours of research. Hours turned into days. Day into weeks of pouring over blogs, books, podcasts.

Avoid the fears that

hold you back!

And still I wasn't investing. I knew more about the stock market than any of my friends or family. There was something holding me back.

"Invest!" is my attempt to take some of those fears that held me back and remove them from your worries. It's my gift to you that will hopefully aid you in getting started sooner than later.
Note: The section of the book dealing with account types pertains to US investors specifically. The rest of the material is applicible to investors in any market.

There is so much opportunity!

Less Americans are invested in the stock market today than in years!
Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
— Warren Buffet

No, I'm not a die-hard Warren fan, but I do think he is an incredibly smart investor we could all stand to learn from.

Warren Buffet is famous for many reasons, among them is his investment philosophy. In essence what he's saying here is that investors are more likely to find a "good deal" when investing as others sit on the sidelines of the markets.

When too many investors pile into the market (or a segment of it), it's time to watch out in Buffet's mind.

So why not take advantage of the nearly record low number of other investors and get started!

Thank you so much for all the support BIA has received. I could not do this without  you !

Thank you so much for all the support BIA has received. I could not do this without you!