Investing Apps

M1 Finance


Web and mobile based investing. It's unique advantage is user-made "pies," automatic rebalancing, and very low fees.

Acorns App

Web and mobile based investing. Acorns takes spare change from card transactions and automatically invests them into ETFs for you!


Mobile only trading. Robinhood is totally free to use & trade. Own and trade shares of stock in an intuitive mobile interface.


A brand new social sharing and investing platfom. Imagine Facebook combine with your brokerage account. Share, learn, reap the benefits.


Motif Investing

Web and mobile based investing. Use the power of social creation to your advantage by making and trading "motifs" of stocks made by users!


Web and mobile. iBillionaire allows you to choose from portfolios designed to match the investing philosophies of wealthy investors!


Web and mobile based investments. Stash allows you to invest in simplified "personality" based portfolios. Invest in what you believe in with Stash.


Web and mobile based investing. Up to $15,000 managed for free using proven methods and tax efficient investments. Intuitive, powerful, effective.


Research and Charting Apps


Web based stock charts and stock screener. Social interaction meets the most powerful and intuitive free stock charts on the web!



Web and mobile. Twitter meets investment analysis. Exchange ideas with other investors and comment on trades, price swings, etc.


Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Personal Capital

Web and mobile personal finance tracker. Powerful and intuitive; hook up checking accounts, investments, & more to track your wealth.



Web and mobile personal finance tracker. From the makers of Turbo Tax and Quickbooks. Mint is a budgeting and wealth tracking tool.